Who are the cash house buyers in Raleigh and Durham NC?

You’ve seen the “we buy houses in Raleigh and Durham” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… even in other cities across NC … so who are these cash house buyers in Raleigh and Durham NC?  Are they legit? How does it work?  Who should I trust? We’ll dive into … Continued

How to Sell a House Fast In Raleigh

How to Sell a House Fast and Easy in Raleigh? Selling a house through traditional route is a long drawn out procedure. It goes through several stages from listing and marketing to finally closing the deal. The success of your selling exercise depends upon the condition of the housing market as well as marketing abilities … Continued

Sell My House In Any Condition – Our Tips

Sell My House In Any Condition? Hello, homeowner, do you currently own a property that you need to sell now, but your fearful that there are just too many repairs to take on? And that no one would ever agree to buy the property in its current condition? What you may or may not be … Continued

5 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Raleigh and Durham

If foreclosure is looming over you like a black cloud on a sunny day, don’t ignore the rain. Open the letters your lender is sending you and see where you are at in the process. Make sure you find your mortgage documents and read them thoroughly to know what to expect when you don’t make … Continued